Old School 5 Stk.

Old School 5 Stk.
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VEGETATIVE 2 to 4 weeks GENOTYPE 20% Sativa / 80% Índica INDOOR FLOWERING 60/65 days... mehr
Produktinformationen "Old School 5 Stk."
    2 to 4 weeks
    20% Sativa / 80% Índica
    60/65 days
    Mid October
    Powerful / Intense

    From the exquisite selection of original plants and maintained for decades, a hybrid emerges in the style of OLD SCHOOL. It is a cross between the most famous clone in the UK “original cheese” and the most powerful Afghan selected in the late 90s “blackdomina”.
    An Afghan and skunk cross that will awaken in your senses the most ancestral memories and flavors OLD SCHOOL.
    Its flowers are unattractive, but their chalices are marked, thick and compact.
    It is by using the smell and the palate when we appreciate the best qualities of this strain of the 90s.
    During the first two weeks of flowering, Old School, although it is mostly indica, will stretch its stems and increase its internodal distance as a sativa. You have to try to keep the light at an adequate distance during this process, as well as not overdo it with food.

    Its flavor is sweet, powerful and with an unparalleled intensity, which will transport you to an unforgettable burst of nuances of high flights for experienced palates.
    Its penetrating aroma of incense and flowers with an earthy touch, and an incomparable physical / mental relaxation effect, make this variety ideal for those people eager for the most intense sensations in all the parameters of the “old school”.

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